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WHO CAN SUBMIT events to the Live & Pickin' Listing?
Bluegrass Bands! Bluegrass Promoters! Venue Owners and Managers! Get your Bluegrass events listed here! Every month, thousands of bluegrass enthusiasts visit these pages to make decisions about where they're going to go to get their Bluegrass fixes! Submitting is FREE, and you don't have to be a SEBA member (although we hope you are)! What's more, your events automatically get listed at, too!

Submit an event! Once approved by the SEBA staff, it will appear on the Web site and in the SEBA Breakdown.

A SEBA volunteer will make every effort to approve Live & Pickin' submissions within 48 hours.

Is is a FESTIVAL you want to submit? If so, please use our Festival Submission Form.

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For Recurring Events, you will be able to CLONE this event after submitting it.

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