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Carter Stanley's Daughter Records Tribute To Him

Read about Jeanie Stanley's tribute to her legendary father

Author: J. Stanley (Feb 23, 2004)

Carter Stanley's daughter, Jeanie has recently finished recording a tribute album honoring her father, the late Carter Stanley. It is entitled, "Baby Girl (A Tribute To My Father - Carter Stanley). Backing her musically on the project is her famous uncle, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and his awesome band, The Clinch Mountain Boys. Harmony vocalists include Ralph Stanley (courtesy of DMZ/Columbia Records), Ralph Stanley II, John Rigsby, Joe Isaacs and Stacy York. Joe Isaacs, long-time family friend and founder of the great Isaac Family, produced the project, considering it an honor. It is uncertain, at this point, if a record label will be releasing the album or if Jeanie will release it herself. Jeanie has been gathering information and never-before-seen family photos for the liner notes for almost 2 years now . This will be the very first recording ever to include Ralph Stanley, Ralph Stanley II and Jeanie Stanley (all together). Also included on this tribute are two Carter Stanley original songs that have never been recorded. Jeanie always wanted to be able to sing a song with her legendary father and her wish was finally granted, via the last cut on this album.

Carter and Ralph Stanley performed and recorded as the Stanley Brothers from 1946 until Carter's untimely death on December 1, 1966. During that time, Carter distinguished himself as one of the most eloquent voices and songwriters in the history of bluegrass music, penning such well-known classics as "The Fields Have Turned Brown, Harbor of Love, The Lonesome River" and recording hits too numerous to mention. Carter was the frontman for the Stanley Brothers, was known as an extremely powerful performer and left behind an incredible legacy.
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