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Report from SEBA's Membership Chairman

We're off to the best start ever

Author: Tony Salazar (Jan 20, 2008)

Tony Salazar, Vice President
Greetings Fellow Bluegrass Enthusiasts:

First: thanks to all members who have renewed for 2008. We're off to the best start ever, and welcome all new members to the SouthEastern Bluegrass Association. We're glad you joined!

To better serve our membership, we've added several enhancements to our Web site, all delivered by our very able Web Developer, Jeff Cohan of nSiteful Web Builders, Inc., in his tireless efforts to help us improve this site. (For a detailed account of the recent improvements, read the press release at and my forum post in the SEBA Forums.)

One of these enhancements is something behind the scenes, something you cannot see: our Online Membership Data Base (OMDB). Using this password-protected Web-based system, SEBA's Membership Committee personnel maintain all of our membership data. In addition, we now have the Member Page Area, through which you can read about our member organizations (Bands/Biz/Promoters). We hope you'll visit these pages often to locate music and bluegrass-related services offered by our membership.

At SEBA, not only do we want to be your #1 source for information about preserving and promoting the performance and enjoyment of bluegrass, but we are always looking for ways to share the music!

Best Regards,
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